IST Medical – information at a glance to patients and doctors 

IST Medical has 10 years of experience in medical imaging and telemedicine, with more than 350 installations successfully deployed in clinics, hospitals and medical centres. We understand the needs of our customers.

We have developed state-of-the-art digital publishing solutions for the healthcare market to help our clients achieve maximum efficiency in their workflows and in internal and external communication processes.

Our solutions are made with one focus in mind: Easy to use and easy to access.

Our solutions work on any platform (Windows, MAC, mobile, tablets…). Nothing complex is used, user interfaces are intuitive, and powerful search engines are provided to help locate critical information as quickly as possible. Live monitoring is also important to keep service availability levels high.

It is a comprehensive and integrated approach, from advice to the diagnostic centre or clinic about which solutions best fit their requirements, to the installation, training of health personnel and subsequent technical assistance. This is how we empower doctors to be their best!

IST Medical offers integrated hardware and software solutions in addition to the services of installation, training, evolutionary support and attention to client requests. Our objective is to improve delivery processes and the management of medical information, helping businesses to develop while ensuring the quality and continuity of the solution.

More than ten years of experience in the medical sector, with a growing international business plan

More than 350 facilities in clinics, hospitals and medical centres around the world

Our certification and ISO 20000 quality seal allows us to offer IT services efficiently, ensuring that they are aligned with business needs

The benchmark company for client satisfaction, for the quality of our solutions and for the integrated service offered