Medical Patient Global

Medical Patient Global (MPG) automatically collects medical information from multiple sources and brings your various formats and documents together in a professional report.
MPG connects to your existing solutions and automatically collects examination data and treatment reports from all departments per patient.
In addition, MPG offers you the option to enrich the reports with additional information such as ECG with advertisements or company information addressed to patients.

MPG helps advance your business and optimize your processes

Professional products such as Medical Patient Global software have been qualified and adapted to the highest standards to ensure high customer satisfaction.
We seek to provide our customers and partners with the high quality they have been accustomed to for years.

Multi-department publishing and distribution of medical reports 

Many different documents and formats are created in hospital environments (DICOM, JPG, Word, PDF…). This can result in many confusing single documents for the doctors, patients and health insurers.

Medical Patient Global (MPG) consolidates all of the formats and documents into one professional report.

The software links itself to existing modalities / databases and automatically collects examination data and treatment reports per patient. These are accumulated into a hospital-defined report format which contains all of the pertinent information. Output and access can be mobile, online or in a printed format.

Document creation is based on rules and therefore requires no manual effort.
Your documents are produced centrally and resource optimized in the required appropriate output format (digital, brochure, CD/DVD/USB).


  • Get up to 90% production cost reduction by delivering in a digital format.
  • Rule-based delivery material: print, CD burn, film .
  • Configurable branding elements: (headers, footers, logos, colours, etc…).
  • Runs in unattended mode.
  • Management and monitoring web interface..
  • Integration with main providers and also custom integrations.
  • Connects to medical centre departmental IT systems to compile elements.
  • API to integrate into third-party patient portals or applications.
  • Centralized document (report) delivery system.
  • Multi-departmental support.
  • Powerful report designer.
  • Transparent integrationno changes in the medical department’s workflow.
  • Deliveries archive for easy retrieval. 
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